Bag of Helping: A D&D Starter Kit
Bag of Helping was born out of the desire to make Dungeons and Dragons easily-accessible to new players looking to get into this classic table top roleplaying game. D&D is something I hold close to my heart; I have started games and became friends with people all across the country due to our shared love of this diverse game. However, when I first started playing D&D I was very confused and overwhelmed at the many different aspects that make up playing in a campaign. The rules themselves encompass several books, and creating a character where their Race, Class, and Subclass define how they play mechanically and roleplaying-wise can be quite difficult. I was lucky my first character turned out okay, but there were multiple instances where characters I created for short, one-off games were built poorly and weren't able to function correctly in combat. It took me months to learn the basic rules, and it was easy to see how people could be turned off quickly. 
The goal of Bag of Helping is to give new players and DMs all the tools needed to start a campaign, in a format that is easily understandable and usable. Some deliverables help with combat, some help with note-taking, and some help with your character's abilities. I looked at my own personal experiences as a player and designed a fully-branded kit that addressed the problems beginners of the game face, with a thoughtfully curated and designed flare to all of the components. 
Battle Map Posterzine

Designed for both the new DM and the veteran, these battle maps feature unusual terrains, to spice combat up from the typical grassy knoll or forest. These desert and icy terrains bring specific rules with them, so the back of the battle maps include both general and terrain-specific combat rules. Read before combat or quickly flip over to consult, these booklets-turned-terrain will easily guide you through difficult fights against a variety of threats. (BYOM- Bring Your Own Monster)
Map Container 

Since the battle map posterzines will be living inside their packaging amongst a variety of other pieces, they must be protected from rips and tears. Designed to appear as a spell scroll, this container will house both posterzines, as well as any other loose papers you decide to store within it.  
Lore Journal 

While the provided character sheet by Wizards of the Coast allots a small section of the sheet to lore, a whole campaign's worth of lore may fill up this space quickly. This Lore Journal was designed to not only keep a description of your character, but thoughts on your traveling companions, as well as designated spots for different types of information, such as an "Allies and Enemies" section, a "General Notes" section, and even blank space to draw or doodle your party, monsters, or other relevant pictures. Multiple sections have been given for multiple campaigns, and a QR code to our Bag Of Helping app is printed at the end.
Character Book 

Spell slots, attack bonuses, and other abilities are hard to fit on one double-sided paper, as the provided Character Sheet has proven to many D&D enthusiasts. This Character Book spreads out your character's equipment, stats, and spells, so you can easily keep track of everything without clutter. Multiple character sections are provided, and a QR code to our Bag Of Helping app is printed at the end.
Character Creator App 

Any D&D player will tell you that Character creation is one of the most diverse, and most difficult parts of the game. To a new player, this task may seem very daunting. Picking a Race, Class, and Subclass that will cohesively work with one another can be very difficult, especially if you don't know the extent of said Race or Class. This App will not only help you build your character, but also features a Character Optimization section, which will tell you how effective your character is in combat. A QR code for this exclusive app can be found at the back of both the Lore Journal and Character Book, and a loose card can be found inside the Bag of Helping Bag. 
Bag Of Helping Packaging

All of these various pieces that make the Bag of Helping kit must be stored somewhere to be sold. This bag, modeled after the logo, is made out of an outer velvet fabric, and an inner silk lining. This bag can fit all of the various components, as well as any loose dice, minis, or books you need to bring with you to the session. Featuring a Bag of Helping Tag, the suggested retail price would be 50$ USD, and has a description of everything you will receive when you purchase the bag. 
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