Growing up, I seemed to be the only person in my family with a desire to create. Now that I am a creator, everyone will tell you I got my creative genes from them. As a child, I had a desire to convey the images in my head in some way, even if the way I conveyed them was not to the scale I had imagined. I gave up Fine Art in my youth only to rediscover it in the form of Graphic Design when I began high school. What I lacked in hard skills, I made up for by learning the programs that could assist me in conveying the images locked in my head.
Now 10 years later, I am proud to call myself not only a creative, but a designer. Out of all the design I do, I most enjoy integrated campaigns that allow
me to flush out an entire product or brand, from logos to social media 
advertisements. Going forward, I hope to create work that is both meaningful
and impactful to the world around me. I want to change the world in a positive way, even if that effect is small.    
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