Name Ideation

The lists on the left shows Name ideation; this was one of the most difficult parts of the process. I wanted the name to take it’s origin from the D&D multiverse itself, whether that be an item, a person, or something else. I also wanted to convey that the goal of the item was to be useful to the player, to give them everything they needed to start a game with their friends. I cycled through many different names before I landed on “Bag of Holding”, but some other top contenders were “Pact Boon”, based of the Warlock ability, and “Chest of Many Things”, playing off the Wonderous item all D&D players know and fear; “The Deck of Many Things”. “Bag of Helping” actually plays off the “Bag of Holding”, an essential magical item that nearly every D&D party will have in their campaign.
Deliverable Ideation
Early ideation of what this D&D starter kit would entail. I knew I wanted to combine my two design loves for packaging and integrated design into one project. I played around with the idea of 3d-rendering pre-made figures, created a chest out of cardboard to house these pieces, before ultimately settling on the deliverables that I have now. I knew I wanted to build something engaging; made for both new players and something veterans could collect to reminisce about their beginning days of this classic Table Top Role-Playing Game.
Early Logo Design
Early Ideas for the logo, including an Adventurers Pack and a Beholder. Eventually, bags resembling the top two sketches were chosen, though a much more vector-based look was chosen. 
Deliverable Creation
Early versions of the battlemap posterzines, with a two column layout instead of the four column layout that I decided to proceed with. There also weren’t yet elements of the battlemap introduced on this version, those came later on in the development process.
Prototype Creation

This is a scaled prototype of the bag that will house all of the deliverables. This model stands at 4 inches high, whereas the full-sized version will be 16 inches, to accommodate the books and cardboard tubes that will hold the posterzines. The outside is made of velvet, and the inside is made of satin, to create a high quality product that can be used both as a container and for other uses as the buyer sees fit. A tag was added later on in the final version, but was not shown here. The colors of the bag support the brand colors, which include bright reds, golds, and tans, as well as the more neutral blacks, browns, and whites. 
Deliverable Creation
Not all documents went through major changes. In the case of the Lore Journal, small retractions were made, such as combining Backstory notes with Other notes, to make a General notes page where the two could be both written down.
Deliverable Creation

By far, the Character Optimizer App that comes free with the Bag of Helping package was one of the most revised pieces I worked on. UI is not my strong suit, so text changes, ease-of-access changes, and aesthetic changes were frequently done and re-done. Though it was one of the most difficult pieces I worked on, it is the one I am most proud of. To the left are some screenshots of the earlier versions of the app, including incorrectly spaces text, different type, and different margins. These have all since been fixed, but it is nice to see how far the app has come. 
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