FX20 Print Advertisement
This single-page advertisement was designed to highlight the FX20- our newest printer of the Markforged line. Appearing in several manufacturing magazines, the goal was to introduce the printer with a bold statement on its size and capability.
Faster Route Available Advertisements
Faster Route Available is an advertisement campaign run by Markforged that addresses supply chain issues and how additive manufacturing, like 3D printing, can solve some of them- hence, there is a faster route available to businesses and individuals. As a part of the initial launch, advertisements were created to showcase one customer’s time and financial savings as a part of their switch to Markforged. These advertisements were created in various sizes for social media, Google ads, and email.
APAC FX20 Advertisements
In tandem with a series of webinars being premiered in APAC, advertisements were created to promote the various industries Markforged markets towards- Packaging, Defense, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Automotive. The goal was to focus on the FX20, our newest 3D printer, while simultaneously advertising these webinars. Various sizes were created for social media, Google ads, and email.
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