Artmented Reality
Artmented Reality is a mobile app designed for the purpose of scanning artwork at museums for more information and fun facts surrounding the piece. Users are able to save artwork they've scanned, purchase museum tickets through the app, and view nearby museums and featured pieces.
Legendary Skins
E-Commerce Site
Legendary Skins is a E-commerce desktop site featuring customizable merchandise for the video game "Overwatch 2". Users are able to design custom pieces based of the favorite character, using sprays from the game and adding features like secondary colors and custom battle-tags. Users are also able to shop Community designs, which other users have made and published for site-wide sale.
3TO5 App
3TO5 is a mobile site created for recent college graduates to browse and apply for jobs that are relevant to their current field. Named after the fact that many entry positions will ask for "3 to 5 years of experience", this mobile site's goal is to only display job postings that are relevant to those just entering the job force, so that college graduates have an easier time find jobs applicable to their set of skills.
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